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Strategy + Planning
Akiitech can deliver the following for your property portfolio strategy:
  • Holistic Analysis and comprehensive review of your assets to understand their value, strengths, opportunities and potential threats.
  • Analysis of planning scheme requirements and other planning issues pertaining to your institutional, commercial or multi-residential property.
  • Strategies available to achieve and maintain a property or portfolio of maximum efficiency, capable of meeting the medium to longer term requirements of your organisation.
  • An Implementation plan outlining focussed, independent and fully informed property recommendations outlining how to implement these strategies to satisfy your objectives.
Workshops are designed as targeted, interactive and engaging activities or meetings. They can be used to facilitate alignment, creativity and decision making or to generate key outputs such as a working brief or set of value propositions. Sessions can be held with smaller teams or larger groups that include stakeholders from across or outside of your organisation. Workshops are highly effective during the brief development phase or as a tool to engage people at any key stage of the project. Effective workshops will underpin your project’s success.
The brief is a critical foundation for your project and it is important that it is clear and well documented. The most successful briefs clearly define project requirements while incorporating a level of flexibility that allows for agile and

responsive solutions. Akiitech are skilled at developing briefs that capture your key value propositions, while responding to important spatial, financial, cultural, social and environmental factors.

Akiitech’s approach to Master planning is based around developing integrated, socially connected communities that respond to the dual issues of economic resilience and climate change at the macro level, as well as meeting the individual needs and value propositions of the project sponsor or developer.
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