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We work collaboratively with our clients to craft environments that respond to and are supportive of the needs of senior residents. Central to this is the creation of environments which encourage social participation and community interaction. Our services range from planning scheme analysis, feasibility and site yield studies through to project documentation, review and construction management services.

Although residents are older and will want the assurance that they can continue to live within their apartment for as long as possible, Many seniors are making their final property purchase. As such, they are often “downsizing and upscaling,” seeking high levels of luxury and amenity without the maintenance that their larger houses may have needed. In creating efficient, enduring and liveable residences, we consider clear wayfinding, ample light, gardens and a strong senses of security as being equally important as building adaptability, serviceability and sustainability.

Do you have a commercial real estate site that you are looking at developing into Seniors Living? Contact us to find out more about our planning scheme analysis and design feasibility service.

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