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The organisation of the design effort to produce a set of deliverables that achieve the functional, financial and time requirements expected by key stakeholders is at the core of what we do as design managers. Our comprehensive design review and peer review processes will assist you to ensure that your design meets the complex requirements of your organisation. This starts by asking a series of leading questions about how the facility will be used, from operation, cleaning regimes, material durability and staffing, through to the how it meets the needs of your stakeholders over time.
During the design-development phase Akiitech will develop the approved concept design and provide documentation to explain it to you and your stakeholders, as well as coordinate the work of specialist consultants involved in the property development process. Key elements such as a schedule of proposed finishes are put forward and developed. It is at this stage also that the design is reviewed against the budget and coordinated with the cost consultant who prepares an updated estimate of the cost of the works.
When it comes to building, many of the problems encountered at a building site can be traced back to poor building plans and detials. A set of good building plans can be the difference between a smooth running job or delays, variations and cost blow outs.

Quality documentation is more costly to prepare however poor documentation can end up costing you much more in the longer term. Lack of adequate building plans and details leads to unnecessary guesswork on site by the builder, owner (you) and contractors. Something as simple as a missing or incorrect dimension on a plan can have far reaching and costly consequences. In extreme cases design consultants may be required to solve issues on site, causing more delays and cost whilst the builder waits for new details so construction can continue.

Ambiguities, however small, will require written direction from you as the building owner, and be considered a variation to the contract. Variations almost always result in extra costs. One thing is certain, the lack of good building plans leads to frustration for both the builder and the owner, causing the building works to slow or stop completely, and will often cause additional costs to be incurred. Akiitech can review documentation from design consultants to ensure that the project is thoroughly documented. This will avoid unnecessary time and cost issues.

Complete, clear and concise building plans will mean a smoother running job. Depending on the type of project, you should expect building plans to contain one or all of the following items:

  • Site plan with drainage layout
  • Scaled working plan with floor levels clearly marked
  • Elevations (North, South, East, West)
  • Roof plan with down pipes clearly drawn
  • Cross Sections, at least 2 but on complex designs there may be more required.
  • Electrical plans
  • Floor finishes plan
  • Room Elevations and Joinery plans
  • Details showing fastening and how materials go together at junctions.
There is also a need to properly detail any special features which are noted on your plans or elevations. This will give a builder an understanding of the design intent.

All too often plans are issued with little or no specific detailing, leaving it up to the builder and the owner to sort out on site. Ultimately the repercussions are disappointing outcomes requiring a costly rework. Engaging us to lead the documentation process will reduce the risks associated with shoddy detailing and project documentation.

Selecting and specifying the most appropriate materials and systems for your project is a fundamental part of building design. Akiitech can write specifications that meet regulations as well as your requirements and expectations of quality, time, value, environmental impact, durability and maintenance. Over detailed specifications can lead to cost blow-outs while specifications that are not comprehensive enough will lead to quality issues. Akiitech seeks to strike a balance between the two, providing a specification which has the right level of detail for your project.
Compiling thorough operations and maintenance manuals is vital to a successful and timely project handover. The traditional approach often results in missing or poor quality information in varying formats. This in turn contributes to lengthy and costly project delays or projects which fail to deliver post hand-over.

Our approach is to write Operational and Maintenance Manuals progressively, reviewing them online during construction. From project initiation your manuals can be configured to meet your contractual and asset management requirements. Project managers and Facilities Managers can check and approve content before handover. On project completion, a high quality, thorough and searchable set of electronic operations and maintenance manuals is accessible and fully complies with industry requirements.

Furthermore, Akiitech can partner with you to establish a strategic asset management plan for your facility. Use our knowledge to gain an understanding of the critical elements required to keep your facility operating optimally.

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