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We provide construction design management and smart data consulting to building owners, operators, construction professionals and facilities managers. Our solutions assist businesses to optimize their built assets and reduce costs over time by capturing property related information within smart databases that connect to BIM (Building Information Models), Costing software, Construction Scheduling and Facilities Management software. This data and the reports that are generated from it allows more informed design decisions, tighter costing, reduced construction risks and lower operational costs.

We marry cradle to grave construction technology solutions with people skills and building knowledge. Our experts can structure, plan and run workshops that tap stakeholder knowledge and foster mutual understanding and togetherness within your teams throughout the design and operation process. The information that comes out of these sessions is captured within a database that becomes the basis of the project. This information can be quickly interrogated, changed and reported upon during the operational phase, giving building owners, operators, builders and facilities managers more comprehensive control over their respective deliverables.

Staff & Team Members
The awesome people behind this project

Kieran Mckernan
Director, B.arch, Mcons.MGMT.
Kieran believes in creating socially connected, active communities for people of all ages. He does this by thoroughly engaging with clients to develop a set of tailored value propositions which are then implemented throughout the life of the project. He has worked with multiple groups involved in the design and delivery of Seniors Living, Education, Public Transport and Public Realm buildings. Kieran’s deep knowledge of design and construction will add value to any project. Kieran has a high level of experience in seniors living, aged care and school projects. He has also worked on civic and cultural buildings, hotels and resorts, housing, transit interchange, retail and workplace design.
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Donna Broun
Designer, B.Larch.

Impassioned by art, architecture, and landscape architecture since childhood. Donna has achieved accolade throughout her career in design oriented fields. Prior to qualifying as a Landscape Architect in 2006. Donna designed and developed Quatre Saisons Heritage Rose Garden, one of Western Australia’s largest private rose gardens in the hills east of Perth.

Her professional experience includes working with UWA researching innovative urbanism and working on landscape architecture projects nationally and internationally including China.

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